Acceptance is mandatory

Tolerance is not a negative. It’s a neutral, unlike “acceptance” which the progressives are now requiring over and above tolerance.

What happened to tolerance that made it evil?

The Constitution was written in a way that feeds a neutral point of view when it comes to disagreement. It’s also been a widely accepted practice to tolerate a different point of view. To tolerate someone’s argument is to take neutral action towards the person while maintaining your own point of view. To accept their argument is to take positive action in agreeing with them.

The paradigm of “acceptance” is the only acceptable point of view to progressives now, despite the fact that making it so amounts to social coercion.

I guess that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with a little peer pressure. However, not everyone will agree on everything. And that’s okay too.

If progressives can only stand to live in a world where everyone agrees with them, it isn’t too much of a leap to assume they would pass laws to make acceptance mandatory.

If it were only tolerance they were pushing, it wouldn’t make sense to use law because that would be an intolerant action. But when your movement pushes acceptance and verbally bashes tolerance what else is one to conclude?

I honestly believe that progressives come from a breed of people who grew up watching the parody of life that is television and unwittingly mistaking it for the real thing. This explains why there are people out there looking for race issues and sex issues and other “class” issues everywhere they turn their heads. That’s how things are on TV and it’s because that’s what sells. Sensationalism is the word for it and the media sells it too, which is why what they report has also become a parody of life and not the real thing. Sometimes it gets close, but it’s always at least a hair off.

Sometimes I wonder if various controversies exist at all outside of the parody box we call the television. But then I am reassured that other people really are buying into this when I watch protests and interviews on Youtube.